We Played in Sand



Mark Deal     1963 – 2019



In August 2019 my brother Mark died, he was 55. Circumstance kept us apart but we were close in spirit, fate having dealt us a similar hand. When I think of Mark, of his dry wit, his wisdom, his kindness, the man he became, I can’t help but remember our childhood, our home in Bristol, our schools, holidays and the events that formed the foundation of the people we’d become. Bereavement makes us nostalgic yes, evoking memories and what-ifs, times we treasure and occasions we would rather forget; but it also offers us opportunity to reflect and place these memories, thoughts and emotions into the story we tell ourselves about our lives. Mark’s and my stories were entangled, and they started when we were young.



We Played in Sand

When we were young
We played in sand, on grass, in trees
The future was tea-time, bed-time, school in the morning
We bound our youth together
And wove our lives into the world
Stitched with threads knotted to our childhood
Sewn with memories
Now your thread is broken
Though the tapestry you span was beautiful
And told stories
Of a life lived well
That added colour to the patterns that made pictures
And began
When we played in sand, on grass, in trees
And the future was tea-time, bed-time, and school in the morning

© Stephen Deal, 2019

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  1. Toby on 04/12/2019 at 10:22 pm

    Just breath takingly beautiful Steve

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